The Faith is Not Blind Blog shares accounts from some of the people we interviewed for our podcast, but it allows for them to express themselves in writing and to explore one of the ideas from their interview that they wanted to develop further. There are also written accounts submitted by our podcast listeners and our Facebook group. These writings come in both the form of short essays and poetry. If you’d like to submit a short essay or a poem, please go the “Share Your Story” section of the website.

POEm & Essay

Bathing Belief

by Rebecca Buchert

The following poem is accompanied by an essay which explores some of the themes and images. We hope you’ll enjoy both of these beautiful pieces that take an ordinary idiom and give it extraordinary meaning.


How Galileo Helped My Testimony

by Jason Rose

As a scientist and mathematician, Jason offers a distinctive perspective that utilizes both the history of science and scientific methods to understand the development and maturation of faith.